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Did that guy yell "Liar" at the Pres?


I make it a point to watch pretty much every public address that any President has ever had.  I don't recall a single incidence of anybody yelling "Liar!" at the President.

It was my understanding that legislators pretty much sat there and either clapped or didn't clap... stand or not stand... and to shut the fuck up.

The sack it would show to talk smack at a President during his speech is appalling.

That guy that yelled out had to know that illegals were already getting paid for.  He had to know that the bill addresses illegals in the verbage.  He had to know that they'd still be getting treatment from emergency rooms at huge expense and use of medical resources.

I seriously hope that asshole had tourettes syndrome...

I watched the speech after it was done on youtube and missed all of the commentary.  I'll hear it on NPR on the way to work and blog about it later.

tomlet Uploaded 09/10/2009
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