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In the spirit of a daily wallboy blog, here is one that I created for all to enjoy.  It was brought to my attention that you all may not see it in the picture section, so here it is.  A lot of you call him a pedophile.  Most of us all call him a sheep.  Everyone calls him a liberal.  But, I do have to ask you this: Would the blog section be the same without him?  I mean really, just look at his last few blog entries.  And dont forget all of his comments.  How can a guy get thumbs down on so many comments?  Even I can say that he has had some valid comments on blogs.  No, this blog section would not be the same without Wally.  Heres to you Wally.  Either way, I know that this is a short blog entry.  I know its about a picture that was posted somewhere else on eBaums (I made the demotivator).  Im running short on time and have to go.  Have a good day all.    

Uploaded 10/22/2009
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