my gf's mom is a slut

ok i've always heard of a slutty mom but i've never had to deal with one till now.

my gf and i have been planning a huge party tomorrow (well today in like 6 minutes) for awhile now. its a costume party and i'll be dressed as jesus (for some reason i look like john lennon w/ it on) and my gf is dressing up basically in nothing like every other chick so it should be fun anyway back to the story.... she gives me a call and tells me that her mom asked if she could use my apartment to meet up w/ some guy and fuck there so that her husband won't find out. i was at a loss for words.... i mean come on no wonder shes been married 4 times (twice to the same dude) she has kids from 4 differrent dads (one was from an affair and she tried covering it up as her husbands kid) im glad that my girl (we've been together almost 3 years now) is no way shape or form like her mother in everyway but damn this lady needs help. its even worse b/c she has told her younger daughters that marriage is not supposed to only be between 2 people and that cheating is ok if it feels how the hell does someone get like this? abuse? from what i know thats not the case.... did i also mention that shes a professional body builder? can't make that up.... im trying to find a way to confront her about these things but i can't seem to figure ok how.... and btw thanks you all that read my earlier post on the comments that some dumbasses made to me and my fellow ROTC students. make sure you thank a veteran everyday, its because of them that you can have a happy life



and go huskers!

Uploaded 10/30/2009
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