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Canadian Soldier Found not Guilty of Murder


Found guilty of disgraceful conduct.


Capt. Robert Semrau, after an intense gun battle shot and killed a wounded Taliban terrorist. His team was ambushed and a battle ensued. The terrorist in question was shot out of a tree by helicopter cannon. He fell to the ground, one leg gone the other held on only by flesh. There was a large gaping whole in his a abdomen. The Captain said he was going over to the Taliban fighter to put him out of his misery. A tough job and a tough decision to make. I believe he did the right thing.


The Canadian prosecutors charged him with 1st, second degree murder and dishonorable conduct. After three years, the murder charges were dismissed, but he was convicted of dishonorable conduct.  I think it is the Canadian courts that should be convicted of dishonorable conduct, not just on this case but many others as well.


Here is a link to more on the story

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