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Top Ramen and the single guy


Being married to a great cook is something I miss greatly. After the seperation I soon found myself starving to death. "I don't know how to cook. I can't even grocery shop without help." I noticed my single friends eat quite a bit of Top Ramen. It was never in my house when I was married. At the store I couldn't help but notice that this stuff is 6,8 or even sometimes 10 for $1. Score!!!

I have since learned to be a semi-decent cook. Thanks to the unbelievable genius that created this stuff btw. I don't eat the stuff all the time but it does come in handy quite often...

Breakfast...Drain ramen and add margarine, eggs and bacon.

Lunch...Straight up.

Dinner...Drain ramen and add red, green and yellow peppers. Garlic to taste. Great side for any cut of meat.

Salads...Drain ramen and chill for 30 minutes. Add lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions...whatever.

I will be experimenting with ramen popsicles, ramen energy drinks and ramen ice cream. Will let you know how that works out.


DeunanKnute Uploaded 08/29/2010
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