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Whit_Choclate Encourages Hacking on EbaumsWorld Chat


So I have entered chat a few times.  Never thought much of it.  Then I saw a post on here by White_choclate saying:

"He entered chat, and I got his IP.  He is from British Columbia,"


It also seems White_Homo has Admin powers on chat.  I would propose that any admin giving out personal information of any kind lose Admin privledges.  He also even encouaged hacking against me, and told people he would supply my IP for hacking purposes.


I am wondering what the community thinks of this.  I think it's bullshit.  The dude obviously has no power in life so he flaunts his admin status to stalk people.  I call bullshit, and call on Ebaumsworld to do something.


What do you think?

Nova999 Uploaded 09/17/2010
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