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hows life angie?[9:54pm] angie111:fine thanx[9:54pm] DeunanKnute:sorry to hear thatso what are u. guy or girl?[9:54pm] angie111:im a girl wat the fuckwat r u retarted[9:54pm] DeunanKnute:why dod people say u r a dude[9:55pm] angie111:cuz there dumb[9:55pm] DeunanKnute:lol[9:55pm] angie111:ur a looser[9:56pm] DeunanKnute:c'mon we can have some fun here[9:57pm] im actually a really nice guy[9:57pm] angie111:ur a looserhow old are u[9:58pm] DeunanKnute:what diff does that make?and it's 'loser' not 'looser'[9:59pm] angie111 is offline

Need I say more?


DeunanKnute Uploaded 09/19/2010
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Tags: meebo


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