I HAVE BECOME A WHORE! I always hated sluts and whores, they were dirty, squishy and gross. And i use to hate when guys act like there pimps and they're "the shyt" just because they got laid or whatever.. BUt lately i been a FuCkING stupid stupid girl! THis year alone i got with over 23 people and 2 of them were girls and i HATE lesbians.. i made alist of them too.. im not proud at all, literally, im sad and embarrassed i dont even tell anybody so i dont sound dirty.. untill not even a big slut i have friends that got with like over 100 guys and 2 of my friends got an abortion and my sister too and they caught crabes, clamidia and all sorts of diseases so im like a baby slut because those sluts are haveing major intercourse and im just fucking around .. honestly people use to think i was a nice quiet girl but now everyone thinks im a SLut but really im just a bitch. and everytime i feel like sticking with one person i end up finding another creepy pervert ... its like everyguy now adays is a fucking pervert its their fault there making me into a slut ALL OF THEM!! they just want to fuck or get there cock sucked.

how did i become this way?

peer pressur and also i think its the drugs and the alchol , i should have listened to sighns that said "dont do drugs" now im a whore..

Starting right now today im not going to do drugs! im not getting with any girls!! and im not going to get with anyguys on the first night not even a kiss on the cheek.. today is the first day im never being a slut ever again no matter what!

Uploaded 10/22/2010
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