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ADLife is back


Yes I know some of you don't care that I'm writing this blog, but I am.  I quit uploading a long time ago, maybe 1 or 2 videos every few weeks...seeing how everything about the site was in transition.  But here recently I upload a video that I like everyone once in a while.  Mostly though I've been uploading games.  Yes lots of games, I try to get about 6 uploaded on here per week. 


But mainly this blog is to let the one's who care that I am going to start being a part of this site real strong again.  You'll start to see me back on the most uploads list again.  So to all of you who care....ummm...ok then..that its lol.  Also for the ones that know me, you might notice i've went back to my original avatar...yes the one I used when I started on this site.



ADLife Uploaded 10/22/2010
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