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Everyone hates zombies


So I'm a maggot. And apparently will be so for a while since I don't see 25k coming in the near future. But I was thinking about this today. Maggots eat dead flesh, which is what Zombies are made of. So one could say I'm a zombie killer. I like the sound of that much more than maggot.


This made me think of an idea for a movie where people fight off a zombie invasion by throwing a handful of maggots on them.


And vultures eat dead flesh too. So maybe someone else in the movie would have trained vultures that swoop down and chew the heads off the zombies.


Yeah... that would be awesome.


So now I don't want everyone to embarrass me by over praising me for these fantastic ideas. But I will except the royalties for them when you make the movie.



                                                                           Sincerely, Laptopia

laptopia Uploaded 02/24/2011
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