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Splattered Loser Fluid

Blood pumps through the flexing flesh tubs pressuring the cells to bend and divide.

Inside encased in stainless steel lies my core with iron ties to my brain.

My arms could club or hug but they don't tug.
Rain falls on my eyes running down to the retina expanding the world, letting the sun shine in.

Vector your heckled face, keeping all your beauty in place wondering if you can heal my
intestinal track to keep the free flowing massive bloody torrent gushing into all of your parched

cerebral cores. I have spirals with mixed values spinning, dropping the flow down into my lungs

soaking in the sacks. Letting off the steam from the glowing cracks on my back, searing my

clothes to rags, whispering to my whiskers to emerge, hurting for her to converge to purge my

urge. Stitched with string the skin pushing up against underwhelmed winners until it splatters

loser fluid all over their walls.
BigBlueSnake Uploaded 02/27/2011
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