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mothers shouldnt be allowed on facebook

So why does my brother insist on speaking to me as I sit here and type? he is 23 years old and obsessed with cars. I will be watching tv and he will try to come speak with me. all i can do is yup yup yup yup mhm wow matt mhm. why doesn't he get that i'm busy? i cant even let him down nicely because he cannot take a hint!
i'm 17
i turn 18 in 37 days or so.
april 7th.
i'm addicted to my cellphone.
i love life.

my brother is still trying to talk to me. and i just keep agreeing.

my mom tried to add me on facebook. if the past 34 times i denied her would make her get a clue.
i see her around the house alllllll the time.
why do we need to be "friends"?!mothers shouldnt be allowed on facebook, ya dig.

cheerbum77 Uploaded 02/28/2011
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