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A new place


I know, I guys were hoping for more EPIC BLOGEMOCITY from none other than THE GREAT ONE HIMSELF!!! But, alas, I have no time nor energy at the moment so I'm gonna make this one quick.


Over the course of the next week I will be moving to Tacoma with a buddy. It's only 10 minutes from work rather than the 35-40 minute trip I take right now. Work is slowing at my other jobs so this move makes sense in many ways.


The only bad thing (for you guys) about the move more yucky, gross, nauseating blogs about my current/soon to be ex roomie. I know, I can feel the sorrow emanating through the monitor already. Sorry people!


Wish me luck, I will still be here as much as I possibly can :)


Movin' Deunan

DeunanKnute Uploaded 03/08/2011
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