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Bank Conversation Overheard by Janitor fiction

Bankers:  Ah, we've made a killing on those credit card interest rates, cross-charges, and penalty charges.  How can we make even more?

Accounting:  Gentlemen, we have a problem.  The poor and middle class have no more money left for us to take.  How are we going to keep our profits up?

Bankers:  That does seem to be a problem.  We've foreclosed on many, but some of them still have houses.  How can we get those houses?

Economic Adviser:  If we deny health care and keep raising food and utility prices, many of them will die.

Bankers:  OutSTANDing!  Once they're dead, we can buy their houses for pennies on the dollar and make a killing!  Get me a politician on the line.

SpaceEagle Uploaded 04/01/2011
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