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I Awoke with God Next to Me!

I awoke with God next to me.
He was sleeping between my wife and I.
A nice guy, smelled better than my old sheets.

Seemed kind of peaceful.
My wife looked at him,
thought he was cute.
His foot gave her a boot.

I shook him to wake.
Don't disturb the lord, he does forsake.
I invited him to breakfast.
He said, "nothing for me".

I cooked bacon and eggs,
sausages and pancakes,
Coffee and tea.
God was with us,
he will teach me so much.

He sat at the table,
and said, "nothing for me"
"But God, these things I prepared for thee"?

Your efforts are shallow,
your rhymes pathetic,
I simply slept between you,
so you could make a blog,
and make it prophetic.

I love this guy!
Letemdangle Uploaded 04/14/2011
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