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Blogs Section is Blooming Now

I would like to welcome the live chat members - Gyps, Kerli and ZeroEnygma in my section. But that's not all. You have probably noticed that after me, Fetismo and the Frogs have defeated the lame blog trolls like Rednote, Letemdangle, Tyaeda, GIJoe and more, the section is the place for everyday talk for refined intellectuals now. No bull shit drama, no idiots who spam quality blogs with their hateful troll comments. We've brought this section to it's former glory - or better yet, gave it a whole new quality. It's better now than anytime before.

I'm also happy that so many people liked my FAQ blog and now use the advanced options, like the background music embedding script I invented. It adds to the blog's quality, doesn't it?

If you have any questions about my section, you can always pm me

Have a good one, guys!

MrsNekoJeans Uploaded 07/13/2011
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