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'Tis but the first of many.....


...seeds to be planted!


Today your King declares his court appointments! Let all in his kingdom hear and dance naked in the streets again!


I, Deunan, am your almighty King.

Tyaeda declared as Queen.

SJG his royal mistress.

MJF his royal guard commander.

NO_U as court jester.

Dangle as court administrator.

Tomlet as court lawyer.

Garadain as court historian/magician.


Neko has been forever banished in my dungeon. A toy to be played with!


From this day hence, my word is LAW!


This is now Deunan's Land again. Come join me and you will know what it truly blog :)




Fantastical Deunan

DeunanKnute Uploaded 07/26/2011
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