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Worked on a movie last night

Hello all.  As stated in an earlier blog I am moving this weekend to Pittsburgh.  I start my new job monday.
As a gift for leaving my two best friends brought me to a movie set last night to help work on a project 21 film.  What is a project 21 film?  It's a short film that has to be completed in 21 days, from script writing to editing.  Last night we began principle filming.  For me a movie fan and amateur actor it was amazing.
We began by setting up lights and microphones.  then we began setting up the scenes and the props.  we filmed for over 8 hours, and I even got to film 2 scenes.  Best part was I got to do a bit of everything.  filming, directing, acting, even tech work.  It was great.
The film will be done for a festival in october, and I get a Screen actors guild credit for it.  Also it may end up on a project 21 dvd so if you see " The Ruby Runs Red"  that's the film I worked on!
viraldarkness Uploaded 08/10/2011
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