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     Nobody has been very busy for the past few days.  Nobody has missed you all.  Nobody wishes his life away, but yet enjoys every second of it.  Nobody sees that a lot of blogs have been written, and Nobody is trying to catch up on them all.  Nobody sees that there is good in all of you.  Nobody is proud that you all seem to be getting along better most recently.  Nobody is sorry for missing so much time, and wants you all to know that Nobody thought about you.   Nobody will try to be here more often in the near future.


     Nobody thinks that writting is a good outlet for you all.  Maybe someday world peace will be achieved through blogging.  Nobody thinks some of you could really make a difference in the world.  All of you have made an impact in Nobody's life.  Nobody wants to thank each and every one of you that read this.

Im_just_nobody Uploaded 08/16/2011
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