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My Apologies

It appears that I've committed a grave error.  I mispronounced the name of the blog section owner.  It's evidently pronounced neck-oo and not Nee-koh.  I can't imagine how anyone would make such a mistake, but apparently I did as did others.

I'm not sure how to atone for such an injustice.  Perhaps lashing my back with a cat-o-nines?  Perhaps genuflecting to her picture?  I'm not sure.  Now that we are all aware of the true pronunciation, I'm sure that none of you will make the same horrific mistake that I did.  If you make a video where you use her name, be SURE to pronounce it correctly lest you suffer a Neko punch!  Remember, you have been warned!

SpaceEagle Uploaded 08/29/2011
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