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Hi Cool Cats

This is my first ever blog so don't get up in my face before knowing me. The thing is I really like cats. I know it's wrong but it's kind of almost sexual.  I can't ever talk to people about it, I know they will laugh or give me a beating. So I was kind of looking to share my feelings with you people. Is being a cat nymph wrong? Do I need help for wanting to include cat in every aspect of my life?
Anyways, I see a lot of cats and other cat lovers on this sight, I was hoping to make a few buds and share our cat experiences. So if you want to share make me a buddy. I saw a tab in profiles for that. Pretty cool and easy way to make friends.

Thanks for Reading,

Holy Cat Nip. We can add pictures here too. Heres a picture of a cat I'd love to own, but I don't have enough money right now. I know most people think he is ugly, but I love it!


My beautiful Neko 


This is from Slackjaw. Wow, that's funny. A mancat drawing of Neko. MEOW!

This one is from Cutedude. Now I have a mancat and womancat. This shit is hot!

This is from my Bud Letemdangles. Kind of like a couple of dead cats. Pretty cool

This is from FuzzyWuzzy. I guess it's allowed, but I don't think it will win.

TehDickmanJohnson made one but it's in mature section so I better not add it here. It's really bad. It looks like Neko is a man and some children are licking his privates. So that's bad.
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