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So, there I was, minding my ownbusiness, reading some blogs,commenting. I was surprised about this draw neko thing, and the persons that have participated. Yeah, a regular day at the blog section on EBW.

Some people drewextremelywell, eagle has sometalent, Iliketosaypoop, well, he pooped. slackjaws, dangle and this obvious alt tehdickjohnson.

The drawing is poor, funny, but poor, and somewhatdisrespectfulto some users. Nowdon'tget me wrong, idon'tgive a flying fuck about nekos respect, most probably he really is a fat dude with moobs, but the drawing included frog and the chocolate. So, in this guys blog, i write a comment about taking it a bit too far, and what happens? nekoasshole responds to me about knowing shit about art. That did it. I do know about art, so i decided to draw nekoasshole just as i see him and his comments. here is my drawing:
This drawing is for you neko, and its free. Im not participating in ur contest, I have enough points.Goodbye, have a nice week.=)
TheNaxx Uploaded 08/31/2011
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