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Cooking with the late night special


Dude, being wasted and hooking up with a girl is possibly the greatest thing ever. I shouldnt even have to mention that. But, unfortunately, its not always that simple: how do you know if the girl you are hooking up with is a slut or not?

It was the Fourth of July and I was a junior in high school. Im fucking retarded drunk (like usual) and I had just met this girl. She looked like a cute innocent little girl from the next town over called Gaystings (we fucking hate those fags btw).

We start off hooking up at the park and later go back to her crib. Shes giving me head and I return the favor (I had to). I know it sucks going down low guys, but sometimes you just have to do it. Well, this is when I found out she was a slut. She wanted to fuck, and I reached into my wallet to grab a condom, but sure enough I didnt have one. I offer to run to the nearest gas station, but she said, and I quote, Dont worry, I have saran wrap in the kitchen. Thats fucking slut status. I just pulled up my pants and left.


welcometothezoo Uploaded 10/07/2011
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