Unseen War Machine

The war machine

Needs you and me,

to use as fuel,
and stoke the heat

Fan the flames
to spread the range
laser guided death
above from planes

Living off the blood and bones
of civilian deaths,
and destroyed homes


Rage against the machine

I try to get it clean

But the gears start to grab

And the fear takes hold of me


The fear weve all been fed

Big enough to cut the dead

The count, it grows, and grows


And how can we get away

If all we have to say

Is the war hasnt hit home


How much will it take?

What will be the cost?

Your hearts dont have to break

As you remember what youve lost


Stop this childish war

That kills so many men

The ones in charge, who fight so hard

Will never be the same again


And neither will we, as a matter of fact

After all the shit weve seen

All thatve bled, living, or dead

Have all been used to feed the machine

Uploaded 10/17/2011
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