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This Insane Stage


They say that lifes a stage,
we have our parts to play
We pretend to be something else,
we joke and masquerade

But someone lost the script,
adding lines that are deranged,
the actors are all lost,
lunatics on parade

Shuffling awkwardly,
to a different dance and tune
they clumsily crash into each other
taking up too much room

And we all watch from the stands,
at this madness thats displayed
too stupid or dumbfounded,
to summon up our rage

We should be tearing up the seats,
and marching through the aisles,
but instead we sit and clap
and lose more all the while

They said that lifes a stage,
and I tend to disagree
no artist or writer, can really decipher
this unscripted insanity

artman4444 Uploaded 11/20/2011
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