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     I'm staying with a family where both parents work.  They typically leave the house before their Daughter goes to school.  They have an adult son living here too, he typically ensures she is out fo the door and on time.  I get this Yahoo message from my friend today, JUST as I am waking up:
(name remvoed): U here
(me):  ya
(name removed): Could ya check on (her Daughter)?
(me): ok
(name removed): She is in her chair
(name removed): Sleeping
(me): just making sure she's awake?
(me): where's her chair?
(name removed): No, u can leave her sleep
(name removed): In front of her tv
(me): so what am I checking for, fleas?
(name removed): Lol
(me): lool her tv, in her room?
(name removed): No, I may have left a candle lit,,, no,, downstairs silly
(me): ok, I'll check.... make sure the place isn't burning down


     I went down stairs and found everything was good to go.  All I could think of was a man would have written something like this:  "Hey, I may have left something burning down stairs.... could you go check it out for me, if it's burning put it out, if not... grab yourself a beer on me..."

     I get back to my room to find the rest of the conversation:
(name removed): I think I blew it out
(name removed): But I still worry
(name removed): Lol ty
(named removed): Just peek down the steps
(me): lol u do know this is so going on EBW, right? lool

(name removed): What?
(name removed): Is?
(me): lol this conversatoin.... lool... the difference between men and women lool
(name removed): Lol!!


     A little humour to start me day off!  I hope you enjoy it too...

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