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What We Need


What does it mean,
To misconstrue?
What is this word,
And what does it do?

It means misinterpret,
to ring untrue,
usually, by someone
who has no clue

We know how it feels,
to be led by these fools.
They dont have the knowledge
or the proper tools

To do what they do,
and say what they say
They represent other interests,
and so they betray

When 2+2 cant equal 4
It should be obvious, whats in store
Money deceives logic,  The cash tugs at their ear
Theyre more apt to listen, to gold than to fear

Because deep down, they know
The lies they produce
Wont hold us off forever,
We prisoners will be loose

And maybe truth and reason
will prevail over greed
I dont know if this will happen,
But I know its what we need

artman4444 Uploaded 01/18/2012
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