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How to Kill a Black Boy

How to kill a black boy and get away with it.  It's easier than you think, but you first join the Neighbourhood Watch, get your gun, follow a random black dude than shoot him. Sounds too easy to be true? 

This actually happened in Florida and the killer wasn't even charged. Claimed it was self defence. Following a kid with your gun in no way can be described as self defence. How  the police can even pretend it was, is beyond all basic reasoning.

The name of the boy brutally murdered was Trayvon Martin. A good looking young boy who came from a decent home. The  prejudice prick that murdered him was George Zimmerman. The damage this type of murder creates is absolutely horrific, then to not even charge him, is something that can cause a riot.

May you burn in hell Zimmerman you piece of shit.

Letemdangle Uploaded 03/21/2012
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