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the new rules suck!!

I have a few galleries that I want to post but back on April 3 UsedCarMan sent me this "The rules have changed a bit on what is considered mature. All the normal stuff but now include full bare bottoms, hand bra's / topless if you can see sideboob / underboob/ top boob, etc. Sexual acts / poses." Ok I understand topless and sexual acts or poses and some what bare bottoms. But as long as the areola part of the breast is not showing it is ok (not counting parts of the vaigna) to walk around on any beach in the U.S.A. So i now need to go and move all the pictures that are sideboob, topboob, underboob or hand bra's. I have been up since 5AM and still only halfway done
themystery Uploaded 04/23/2012
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