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A Love So Pure

Hi, I'm Dave! You might know some of my work, including the genius hits like "An Amazing story", "How to Clean Toenails" and "WUT". I wanted to inform you all of my constant love and emotional attachment for Chesters Hot Fires. Jesus since High school lunchrooms till now I still quiver in ecstasy when I first crunch into one of you tiny flavor packed mini fries. The lovely red stains you leave on my fingers and corners of my lips which I wear like a badge of honor are amazingly attractive in sunlight. You come in many shapes and forms now from hot Cheeto to hot Funyuns which are created in thought of world domination of snack foods. Without you I'd probably not feel the true definition of love and for that I thank you, oh beautiful crunchy hot fries.
Eastside_Dave Uploaded 05/26/2012
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