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A Blog About Ham Sandwiches

Mmmmmmm! Ham!  It's salty, tasty and satisfying. No blogosphere would be complete without it. When handling a well roasted piggy buttcheak  you must follow these simple steps to insure efficient usage   of the beast. 

Night one: Thick slices of ham served with  home made Fettuccine.
Lunch: Thinly sliced, heavily stacked ham served on twelve grain artisan bread. French hot mustard with alfalfa  spouts. 

When the ham is a few days old, use it for western  omelettes. Beyond that grind it up with relish and mayonnaise and make your own home made meat spread. I throw in a teaspoon of hot mustard. 
Well there you have it. If you were looking for a blog that had great ham recipes and ideas then this was the blog for you.

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