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Why more bloggers should come to the eBaumsworld Chat.

From time to time, I drop by this section, seldom commenting....merely observing the on-goings in the lives of the more intelligent users on this site. Subtleties are not your forte however... blatant insults, on-going rivalries & malicious commenting are more prevalent here than on any other portion of eBaumsworld. Sitting there, hitting the refrash button over & over again, fingers shaking & ready to post the next witty epitaph. 

Pointless really if you think about it, seeing as you can all talk shit in REAL TIME... live on our chat. I encourage each & every one of you, to stop by our chat this evening to speak with one another in real time. Take your trolling to the next level, & bring it where it belongs, on live chat; where we can all enjoy your humorous comments. 

Thank you & have a pleasant afternoon,


DataRapist Uploaded 07/14/2012
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