Falling off the face of the Earth

Well this is going to be my last blog guys. Thanks to the many of you guys here that put some time into reading my stories and rating my submissions. I consider a whole lot of you guys great friends. I got to know a lot of you on a personal level, but im done with this site. I just wanted to say thanks to ebaumsworld for giving me a awesome time and a escape from my work I spent a lot of hours laughing and commenting. Thanks assholes, now for the trolls fuck off and burn alive enough said.

Ill leave you guys with one tidbit to remember me by


My friend and I were on a road trip in Colorado when we saw a lot of cows

My friend yells out look at the bunch of cows

I tell him herd of cows

He goes sure I heard of cows

I go no a cow herd

He goes I dont care I dont keep secrets from cows!


Thanks guys enjoy life!  

Uploaded 08/06/2012
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