Crook Takes Pawn is Done

    Crook Takes Pawn is done. The rough draft is, anyway. Now I guess i've gotta go through and revise, chopping chunks out of this bloated whale of a book. But at least the backbone of the story is there. That's the most important part. I'm gonna lay off the blog section for awhile. I'm not even gonna post any of my crappy poems for a time. I'd like to see the reaction of people, and comments about what they think.
(But not Trolls)
    I'm not a professional. I'm making it up as I go along. I wrote a story I would like to hear myself, dirty stuff and all. (By the way, I might have to edit out all the smut in my book if I want to get it published with LULU, an online publisher. So the unedited version will remain on eBaumsworld)
    Now, you can feel free to keep reading as fast as you want, knowing that the end of the tale will be there.
    Again, for the millionth time, thank you.
Uploaded 08/08/2012
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