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Christian Textbook?

Saw this picture in one of the features:


All I can say is "holy shit."  

Nobody has felt electricity?  Seriously?  I'd suggest the author wear socks, scuff his feet against the carpet, and touch a doorknob.  

The Sun is the source of our electricity?  Really?  I guess we just capture sunlight in batteries?  

Nothing about subatomic particles?  Nothing about magnetic fields inducing charges to move?  All we need to know is that it seems to be everywhere and there are lots of ways to summon it.

A great example of why private school vouchers are a load of bullshit.  Send your kid to a Christian school so he can learn about the 6,000 year old Earth and how electricity is an inscrutable riddle we haven't cracked yet.  Screw you, Maxwell, Faraday, Telsa, and all of your ilk.  Time to take out your Jeebus textbooks, children.
tomlet Uploaded 08/21/2012
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