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Top 10 Best Movie Deaths

Nazi Face Melt, in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Head Explosion, from Big Trouble in Little China

Samuel Jackson Eaten By Shark, in Deep Blue Sea
...luckily, this did not kill his career.

Ronald Reagan Shot, in The Killers
...sadly, this did not kill his career.

Suicide Scene, from The Room

Female Ninja Kills Male Ninja With Her VAGINA BUBBLES!
I will show this video to my future daughter to let her know what to expect when she becomes a woman.

Skater Dies, from Hard Ticket to Hawaii
He was a skater boy, we all said see you later boy...

Death by Basketball, from Deadly Friend
I watch this daily to feel better about myself for never playing sports.

Teddy Bear Seeks Revenge, from Night Terrors
So my childhood just got ruined. How about yours?

Find New Uses For Corn, Scene from Sleepwalkers
Can you still get the nutrients that way?
GiggleGaggle Uploaded 09/24/2012
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