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Draw my Cute Fly


Ebaum's chat used to be a fun place to draw cute and funny pictures when you were bored, and there are a few galleries here that display all the best our artists have to offer. One of my favorite things to doodle was my fly, or as I called it, the "flaahh" *Cartman accent.

I like to draw just about anything in a cute, cuddly fashion, even a stinky bug. And since I get questions on how they're drawn, I figured on a blog that outlines how to draw this one.

1. Two overlapping circles for eyes.

Make sure they're pretty big in relation to all subsequent steps - it's like 90% of the cuteness factor.

2.  Add a body

The rounder, the cuter ^_^

3.  Add reflectors and a sucker.

Your lines don't have to be perfect. And make sure the sucker is curly!

4.  Add fuzz.

This one I drew with three different shades and finer lines than what's used for eye and body outline.

5.  Add some legs and wings.

Here I erased a bit of the fuzz to further emphasize the wings. You can use different colors, too.

6.  Add details.

I usually add a little cute pile of shit along with some stink lines. But you can set the stage for any scenario. Toxic waste, a fly swatter, some overturned garbage pails, whatever.

And there you have it. Isn't he so cute?? ^_^

rin Uploaded 11/17/2012
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