NY Jets Tim Tebow Removes Himself From Jets Wildcat Package

She has asked the team to be removed from the wildcat package because a 3rd string quarterback was put ahead of her after Sanchez was benched. What a disrespectful piece of crap to think she's above the team. I would hope that any team would think twice about trying to acquire this quitter! This is a first, or at least a second, Kerry Collins comes to mind when she quit on Carolina. So much disrespect for the league, I would hope any future teammates, because some stupid, moronic team(Jacksonville) will end up with him, would tell her to go pound sand.

She sucks, she's terrible, horrible. I saw someone wrote that they can't wait for her to start and prove Elway and the Broncos wrong. Yeah, I see they are really suffering from their decision in Denver. What a punk loser. No one has ever had as much attention from being a lousy quarterback. I'm feeding into it I know, but whatever. Tebow should go help out at a soup kitchen.
Uploaded 12/24/2012
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