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Judge Me Not for Lying Sleazy Thoughts


"Btw, you're one of the people I meant when I said, "judgemental, lying, and skeevy"

This was a recent comment from Rin in a former blog of hers where she alleges people, (plural), are threatening her with death. In all the comments I have seen in her galleries, blogs and profile page I see no evidence of that. In fact most are complimentary and even flirtatious. Perhaps someone did send a private message or a meebo, but I highly doubt someone would be so self incriminating if they in any way were serious. 

Judgemental- Inclined to make judgments, especially moral or personal ones. Of or denoting an attitude in which judgments about other people's conduct are made.

So if someone was to find fault in a person because they held religious beliefs, would that be called, "Judgemental? If I don't really care if someone is atheist or not as long as they don't go around insulting two thirds of the world calling them stupid, idiots and other baseless words, does that make me, "Judgemental? Maybe the writers of dictionaries should include a note that only atheist can do this without being identified as, "Judgemental".

Lying- To lie is to deliver a false statement to another person which the speaking person knows is not the whole truth, intentionally. 

Now if I were to say, "People of different views are threatening to kill me", when perhaps one or two blow hards were just acting out of frustration and I provided no evidence of said threat or the context in which they were made, would I be a liar? 

Skeevy- morally or physically repulsive : disgustingsleazy.

 I suppose calling someone skeevy would be a matter of opinion. There are very few examples of myself being sleazy on this planet at least since I was a teenager and since  you have never seen me,  I can only assume you think me morally repulsive, which brings us back full circle to, "Judgemental".

Hipsters, Hypocrisy, and French Fries.









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