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Ebaumsworld full of malware adds

Recently I have been seen a huge amount of adds containing malware cropping on on Ebaumsworld. This used to happen a lot about 3-5 years ago, but has since corrected itself (until now). Unfortunately for some, the malware is going to mess up their computers, and for others who have good anti-virus/anti-malware software, you'll be fine. The malware that I'm finding is URL:Gen/Malware-gen.

I have been trying to pin point which adds are causing it, and so far I have been seeing it attached to the "Power" add, the one with the little machine on it (atleast in some cases). Ebaumsworld staff, I would look into this, you're basically infecting all of your user's computers. I hate to be the whistle blower, but I had to see bad malware associated with a good website.

Not to mention that some of the "Partners" links bring you to infected websites. On two separate occasions I have clicked a partner link and had Avast go crazy saying it is blocking Malware.
facepunch Uploaded 03/16/2013
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