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Cops Really Piss Me Off


It seems like everytime I'm driving and I see a cop car they do something they would give people a ticket for. For instance yesterday I saw a cop make 2 right turns without a turn signal. What the hell. It just pisses me off because if I did it they would pull me over and maybe give me a ticket. Thats not all. The other day I was behind a cop car and the speed limit was 35 I was going 35 and he kept gaining speed. I sped up to try and see how fast he was going and I got up to 45 and he still was getting farther away. Also I was at a light and a cop turned left withouth signaling and then got on the highway without signaling. It just really pisses me off because what can I do about it. A cop won't pull another cop over, so is it possible to report them just to be a jackass?

jasonkruger1313 Uploaded 08/05/2008
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