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ABC survey thing. yes, stolen from myspace. I don't care though


A]- Available?

B]- Birthday?
July 1st

C]- Cell phone?

D]- Drink you had last?
Soda at burger king

E]- Easiest person to talk to?
Depends on my mood, and the situation.

F]- Favorite color?

G]- Gummy bears or gummy worms?
Gummy fuckin' wormsssss

H]- Hometown?
Hellgin....yes I purposely spelled it like that.

I] Is there someone you miss?
Yesssss a few people. One of the, I'm not sure about him missing me.

J]- Just something you always say on IM?
"that's cool/awesome/neat/nice"

K]- Killed someone?
Not yet

L]- Limeaide or lemonade?
lemonade. I hate lime

M]-Money or love?

N]- Number of Siblings?
Just 1.

O]- One wish?
That's a lot to think about...

P]-Person you last commented?
I don't remember.

Q]- Quiet?
Very much so. Unless I know you really well

R]- Reason you smile?
Usually most people smile because something is funny, or because they're happy...Well, that's just me at least.

S]- Still in school?
Yep. About to be a Junior in HS

T]- Telling the truth about all this?

U]- U like someone right now?
Nope. And since fucking when does "YOU" start with the letter "U". That shouldn't fucking count.

V]- Vegetables?
I love them.

W]- Worst habit?
Fiddling when I'm nervous, cracking knuckles, biting my lip ring.

X]- Xylophones....Do you like them?

Y]- Your favorite food?
My mom's Chicken Dijon.

Z]- Zodiac sign
I have cancer.











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