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First Love


I met the love of my life when I was a freshmen in highschool. We both met at a party and we both hit it off. Everyone threw highschool said we would never last. After highschool we both had to go our separate ways. I was attenting a college 500 miles from where she was attending college. We made arrangments to meet every weekend but threw our freshmen year in college we were meeting less and less. I wrote to her everyday but the responses I recieved were few and far between.  I sent her flowers one day and then finally got a response. When I opened the letter I seen a picture of her giving a guy a bj! There was a note that stated "leave me alone". I was so crushed I didnt know what to do.  So I resent the letter to her mom. When her mom opened the letter she seen her daughter giving a guy a bj and a note that stated "need more money".

ezplayer23 Uploaded 08/06/2008
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