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hey everyone


i am back because i remembered about this site and how its really gay and so i thought maybe i should like post something for everyone to read about because blogs are gay and fucking everything is so gay!!! seriously!! have you seen these people on the streets? you can smell the gayness from like every corner its so lame and homos are like so weird like i used to know this gay kid and like he was really mean! like i wasnt even trying to not be his friend you know like i never even talked to him and like he was so mean and also gay. and like all his friends were girls though. like the popular girls you know? anyway so my boyfriend and i decided that we are not ever having sex again because he heard this thing about how sex makes you die faster so like we can't do it anymore!!! i don't want to die cuz then i can't post on gay faggot ebaumsworld!!!

kitty_babe Uploaded 08/07/2008
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