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stick arena hackers


 i used to always play stickarena a few years ago i still do but now its a lot less fun. in every room theres a damn hacker!!!!! its just so damn stupid they think that they are so cool because they can hack but everyone knows how to hack all you have to do is download a stupid ass trainer. i could even make a trainer if i wanted. why cant people just stop hacking it dosent make them look cool or proffesional. it dosnt piss me off that bad its just annoying. i cant wait till stick arena go balistic comes out its said that its hack proof but i doubt it, because there is probably some asshole (jake) who will learn how to make a working trainer for it and even if trainers wont work on the game theres probably no way they could stop memory editors or packet editors like cheatengine and winsock pro from working. but i guess we will all have to wait and see.

volcomelement34 Uploaded 08/17/2008
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