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Easy Way to Get Featured!!!!!


Please review this posted feature (click on the picture icon), and then have a gander at the gallery I posted 28 fucking weeks ago.

I never gave a fuck about eRep points. Most of the stuff on the first few levels of the eRep store I've bought for myself or my kids already. Although the opportunity has arisen to effortlessly gain points, I've never taken advantage of the system. One thing I don't appreciate is making an effort to post some half decent shit, only to be screwed by the fucktards running this site.

If you want to get featured, just click on my submissions and repost whatever I've posted. It obviously worked for this feature, so why wouldn't it for you? You may might have to tweak it here or there, but who gives a fuck? It's easier than searching for your own shit.

Regardless, I've learned a lesson tonight. No more posting shit that I think is good. From now on, I' going to bombard this site with garbage just like 90 percent of the fucktards on this site because it doesn't matter.

I can't wait to scroll peoples' submissions and upload them as my own.

Suck my fat cock.





milestyles55 Uploaded 09/25/2008
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