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this is messed up


Im going to leave the names out.

Alright, I was dating this one girl for about a week. We were friends before it but it turned into a relationship. I spent over 300 dollars on her and drove at least 175 miles to see her smile. I thought this girl was the one. I loved being around her, I loved seeing her smile, it made me happy when she did. Holding her hand was just an amazing feeling. But that all ended last saturday. When she broke up with me saying that her life was to stressed, I believed her because her sister was in the hospital. She told me, that when everything is back to normal she would tell me. I was a fool to believe her. About 2 days later she is dating my best friend. What fucked up shit is that? Especially for my best friend to do that.

R3born Uploaded 09/28/2008
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