Best job ever

I'm hoping you guys can see the picture. I don't know if I did it right. But in case you can't I'm working as a psycho clown in this place called Dorney Park in Pennsylvania. I get to run around scaring people all day long. I have so far made three girls cry. Fuck you if you don't think that's funny cause it's hysterical to me. Best part is that they changed the music for halloween. They have such names as Seether, Metallica, Sabbath, Killswitch Engage and Rob Zombie. So my mask has long red hair and I can headbang. I can do the cyclone spin hair thing(anyone into metal knows what I'm talking about). Whats funny is the fact that alot of the people I work with are people who have great high paying jobs and just want to fuck around with people. yes it's that damn fun. So I implore you, if you get the opportunity work this job!


So apparently the picture doesn;t work...anybody wanna help me out with that one?



Uploaded 09/28/2008
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