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Oh Shit We're Fucked


Well, I hate to sound like chicken little, but the sky is falling.  Okay, not the sky, but the stock market.  Wall street just closed a little while ago, and stocks dropped more today than they have in over two decades.


The bailout plan failed in congress.

Also, I live in Charlotte, and this crisis is very much a topic of conversation in this city.  Two of the largest banks in the United States are located here, namely Wachovia and Bank of America.  Wachovia is about to go belly up and is begging for a sugar daddy.  They estimate that 20,000 people at Wachovia are going to lose their jobs here. 

If the stock market stays on this trend for the rest of this week, we may be fighting each other for more than gas.

Is this for real?  Is the worst yet to come?  Are any of you worried?  Any of you have conspiracy theories?

What are your thoughs on this?

Personally, I'm starting to worry a little.

JohnnyBax Uploaded 09/29/2008
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