virtues and the tools of despotism

amid a hierarchy where the vast majority hold no power and become increasingly aware of this fact as we grow, eventually losing our indignation in exchange for pain at the relentless disquietude of existence. In such a world it is tempting to grasp at a promise that our suffering is worthwhile, that bearing it qiuetly is a virtue, that we can comfort ourselves with the idea of reward for our tolerance. it's tempting, but it's very weak and expertly calculated to make us accept our situation quietly. To suffer injustice witha n even peaceful mind that cannot be broken is powerful on it's own, it serves to frustrate our tormentors, to take away the joy of thier efforts, and to make us look like the strong ones. On a small scale this is power, but on a grander scale this is falling into line, allowing injustice to continue, allowing a powerful delusion to act on us. It has this effect whether one believes the teachings of this or that historical figure were genuine, accurate, or good intentioned. No matter the original intention, doctrines of tolerance have become the weapon of the despot. Become is not right..they have always been as such. It is unfortunate that good ideas have been utilized to such harm. Good ideas should never be unchangeable, never be faith, only ideas. Tolerance and love for your fellow humans are good virtues, but to allow injustice to the whole of humanity because you indulge in comforting yourself with reward is the folly of good virtues that many are guilty of. don't let your world be destroyed under you, don't let your rights be violated, just because you comfort yourself with rewards.

Uploaded 10/02/2009
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